Friday 29 May 2020

Planning and Preparing

May has been filled with a lot of non-modelling activities. Work and the full scale heritage railway has demanded most of my time. While I may not have been actively modelling I have been actively planning and preparing for some major investments in the 16 mm scale Nystrup Gravel.
Final preparations underway for the small L-shaped shunting layout (2.3 x 1.5 m) on top of some of my bookshelves. The excavator is in 1:35 scale.
I have cleared the shelves that will provide foundation for the small layout showing a little of the gravel company's facilities in Nystrup. The layout will feature the loading ramp for lorries, a small loco shed, low relief buildings and partly homemade track.

Materials for construction have been sourced and stored. Design and building sequence decided. Time is now the only ingredient lacking.

Back when I modelled in 1:35 scale Nystrup Gravel was proud to have a Fowler diesel loco for pulling the heaviest trains from the pits. Having sold the loco I have been missing having a Fowler in the house. Now I have placed an order for a 16 mm Fowler at a locomotive shop in Wales. The delivery date is still a bit uncertain, but I expect a handover taking place sometime in the first half of 2021.
Nystrup Gravel's Fowler in 1:35 scale pushing a string of empty skips to the pit. Now a similar sight in 1:19 is not too far away due to bold investment from the owners of the gravel company.

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