Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Rail Order in Transit for Nystrup

Based on my own research and advise from knowledgeable modellers I have now sent for six lengths of Peco IL-7 FB Code 143 rail. I added a few extra items for track building as I had the credit card out of the card holder. A month ago I reflected over the Peco SM32 track I had acquired for test running and designing my 16 mm scale indoor layout.

Not least the comments and subsequent mail from blog reader Nick Curtis assured me that the Peco Code 143 would be a good rail size for my experiments scratch building track in 1:19 scale.
Nick Curtis had just received his Code 143 rails and posed a few skips on them to illustrate the quite nice relationship in size to the Peco rail. Photo: Nick Curtis.
Not only the rail's height fitted my needs for a realistic type of rail for Nystrup Gravel. The profile is also a much neater representation of a Vignoles profile than my current standard Peco SM32 Code 200 track.
A close up of the IL-7 FB profile. A pretty good match for a real Vignoles profile. Photo: Nick Curtis.

I'm now looking forward to the package arriving from Germany. I shopped at Wenz-Modellbau where I also shopped track items when modelling in 1:35 scale.

A big 'thank you' must go out to anyone responding to my blog helping me to discover new methods, products and suppliers. A particular thank goes out to Nick Curtis for sharing info and images.

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