Sunday 16 December 2018

Traction Engine Motion

The most complex part of the traction engine kit is the motion, rods and crank assembly. I studied the instructions and the made up my mind to do things differently. I prepared the parts, some of them needing filling and sanding. Now they are assembled I can see I should have been filling and sanding even more...

Rods, crossheads, cranks and most of the motion ready for assembly and mounting in the frames.

The parts in their bearings in the traction engine's frames. Rather than a lot of sanding on an annoyingly bad assembly beneath the cranks I simply cut a thin piece of plasticcard and glued it in place.
Due to some unfortunate delays in the manufacture of the electronic components for the RC equipment I have ordered for my little Lister, I'm currently holding work on that model off. The good thing is that my supplier is keeping me informed of the delays. I consider that good service. Christmas preparations are underway and work on my full scale heritage railways is also keeping me busy.
Da 7 built by Henschel in 1921 is still going strong and pulling this season's Christmas specials on HVB in cooperation with Danish built dieselelectric M 25. No snow for the December trains this year.

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