Sunday 18 November 2018

Nystrup Gravel Equipment Sale UPDATED (1/35)

With my focus now on the 16 mm scale version of Nystrup Gravel I am currently going through my collection of 1:35 scale models and have decided to sell the items below: (Updated November 19 with models no longer available marked).

Loco No 2. Extensively rebuilt Fleischmann Magic Train steam loco. In running order. € 170.

Loco No. 3 resting in front of the loco shed.
Loco No 3. Sala-loco from Log Cabin Works, Sweden. Fitted with decoder and in running order, but rather erratic. Comes complete with custom built driver figure and wooden storage box. € 140. See the loco being built here.

Loco No 5. Scratch built on a Tenshodo metal motor bogie. Fitted with decoder and in running order but somewhat erratic. Comes complete with removable custom-built driver figure and empty replacement seat. Wooden storage box included. € 140.

Loco No. 8
Loco No 8. Scratch built on a Faulhaber-equipped drive unit by Otto Schouwstra. Fitted with decoder and in running order. € 170.

Loco 23 pulling empty Scale Link skips.
Locos 22 and 23. Billard T75 resin kits from 13’eme Dragon fitted to BullAnt motor bogies. Fitted with decoders and in running order. Both locos fitted with driver figures. Preferably sold together in wooden storage box. Two locos in box: € 280. Single loco without box: € 170. See the locos being built here.

Loco 78. 3D printed gas generator loco with BullAnt drive unit. Fitted with decoder and in running order. € 170. See the loco taken into service here.

9 skips, one with brake from Hesketh & Snoodyk. Built by Bernard Snoodyk. Unpainted but blackened. Comes complete with wooden storage box. € 170. See the skips here.

6 skips, one with brake. Scale Link skips rebuilt, painted and weathered. All six loaded with gravel. Comes complete with plastic storage box. € 90.

3 wooden skips. Rebuilt from Grandt Line kits. Comes complete with wooden storage box and two spare wheel sets. € 90.
Loco No. 2 pulling empty wooden skips.
2 bogie carriages. Daniel Caso laser cut body kits on scratch-built frames and Scale Link WD-bogies. Includes detailed interior and three figures. € 150. See the carriages being built here.

2 bogie flats. Built from David Provan etched bodies and fitted with bogies made from Scale Link skips. Comes complete with load of sacks and wooden storage box. € 120. See both wagons here.

Loco 78 pulling 4 stone wagons.
4 flat two-axled stone wagons. Built from Scale Link skip frames. Comes complete with wooden storage box. 90 €.

A single bogie flat wagon with stanchions. Scratch built from brass profiles and bogies from Scale Link skips. 70 €. See the wagon being built here.

2 O&K MD2 etched kits from Hesketh Models (one open and one with cab). Kits unbuilt, in original boxes and with instructions. € 120 for each.

All locos and wagons are to 16.5 mm gauge and in running order (unless otherwise noticed). Prices are my suggestions. I’m open to suggestions and will give discount to buyers taking more than one lot. I will add shipping cost to the order. Payment by PayPal.

A list of road vehicles and construction equipment for sale will show up here before Christmas.

Send me a message on if you are interested.

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