Friday 16 November 2018

Lister Progress

The Lister is progressing slowly. The kit's corner reinforcements glued in place with two component epoxy were too small and too thick according to prototype photos and drawings. I decided to tear them off and replaced them with homemade ones from plasticcard.
Short and stubby rather than low and long. The wheels are oversize by something like 2 mm and that doesn't help on the little Lister's appearance. Perhaps the large end ballast weights and buffers will help when they are fitted? The seat box for the driver is prototype no 2 from foam board.

As the assembly progresses it is clear to me that the model's measurements isn't exactly prototypically. While I have reduced the frame width to an acceptable degree of scale, the small bonnet is far too wide. With almost correct frame width the bonnet's size now look massive compared to drawings in The Review. I was able to sand off a millimetre or two, but it's still too wide. The front isn't moulded true to prototype, but as this is an experimental build I'm not taking the trouble of changing major kit parts. I assembled the bonnet and to increase the assembly's strength I added a plasticcard bottom in the bonnet.
Rear floor and front ballast weight being glued. My entire supply of solder wire keeps floor parts under preassure.

I have been experimenting with the driver's seat arrangement. Originally I intended to fit the RC receiver there, but as my battery arrived I investigated if it would be possible to fit the battery in the box. A foam board prototype turned out far too high, so the battery will have to be fitted below the rear floor. A new, lower box was knocked up in foam board. The prototype will help me pick the best size of the wooden box.

Wires were soldered to the electric motor and the motor itself glued into the U-shaped metal frame. After the glued had dried, I tested meshing and running. Everything worked fne and the running gear was put aside. I'm currently thinking out the sequence for the coming stages of the assembly.

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