Monday, 16 January 2017

Foundry Sand to Langeland

Nystrup Gravel's Multisand for foundry use found users in both Denmark and abroad. One small user was a machine shop on Langeland, one of Denmark's many small islands.
An old Ford AA-lorry at the truck stop in Nystrup with foundry sand for Langeland.

It had been  my intention to make the Multisand sacks for the second Hudson bogie wagon at a later stage. But having the task on my list, I decided to finish it before I got too involved with other projects. During the weekend I finished 26 sacks, sealing paint and decals with a layer of matt varnish. Four of the sacks are now on their way to a friend's 1:32 scale railway on Langeland.

Sacks primed. The sacks are mounted on two rocket sticks (from fireworks rockets) with double sided tape. Makes handling very easy.

Decaling in progress. Cut out decals at right over brush and tweezers. Plate with water in the center and decal softener to the left. Painted sacks left - some of them with decals.
The weekend wasn't only spent modelling. I also worked on the heritage railway HVB. Moving a Dutch built diesel loco to our storage shed.

Jacking down a four wheel diesel loco built in the Netherlands by Spoorijzer in Delft. In 785 mm. gauge the loco is now going into storage. Here I'm working with a mate 20 years younger than me. But I kept up the pace! More images on the HVB members' blog.


  1. Claus what is the centre cab diesel that appears to be an 0-6-0 rod coupled design in the photos of the prototype (is it a Deutz?) 785mm gauge loco being moved?

  2. Hallo Claus,

    nachdem ich nun stolzer Besitzer der ASOA DG26 bin, würde mich interessieren wie schwer du deine DG26 gemacht hast, damit die Lok genug Loren ziehen kann.
    Vielen Dank und viele Grüße

  3. Hallo Thomas
    Der Henschel DG26 ist nicht in meinen Besitz. Mein Freund Arne Nielsen aus Langeland hat der DG26 seit Jahren auf seine Module und Heimanlage in Betrieb. Arne erzählt, dass er keine Gewicht montiert hat. Arnes DG26 ist mit eine original Betrieb ausgestattet. Arne überlegt zur Zeit ob er eine SB-Betrieb kaufen soll, weil ein Zahnrad gebrochen ist. Der Lok fährt jedoch weiter obwohl etwas unruhig.

    Welche Loren hast Du auf deine Bahn eingesetzt? Fahrst Du auf 16,5 oder 18,7 mm. Spurweite?

    Viele Grüsse