Sunday 2 October 2016

Fowler Driver (1/35)

As I was in the proces of constructing three figures for my Opel bus, I took the opportunity to build a driver figure for my Fowler diesel. The figure is the first stage in a series of tasks I will perform on the Fowler in the months to come.

Even though 1:35 scale is supplied with a good selection of figures useful for a model railway like mine, there is no escape from scratch building if I want to add a realistic driver to my model  locomotives. The following images show how I built a driver for the Fowler loco. I used parts from four figures from the MiniArt set  35009 'Soviet Tank Crew at Rest' combined and suitably modified.
Legs from two figures modified and combined to fit the Fowler's floor.

Before the glue fully dried, I placed the leg assembly on the foot plate to check for a good fit.

With Miliput I built up the coverall on the leg fitted with a high boot. I tested two different upper bodies for the most natural stance of the driver.

Upper body and head fitted. A little unusual for a 1950's Danish worker are the steely look a'la 'Hero Soviet Worker' and no cloth cap. I decided to live with that.

Arms fitted and my putty and Miliput conversions painted to check for errors. To soften up the figure's  'Soviet Super Man' appearance I added a pipe in his left hand. (Please don't mention that Stalin smoked pipe!).
With the figure finished the next stage is priming and then painting. I will illustrate that process with a series of images too.


  1. Hi Claus. Some of my figures appear to be made from ungluable materiel. What adhesives are you using to assemble the modified figures?

  2. My figures are either from resin, white metal or standard injection plastic. As such they have not presented any problem for the glues I use, Revell thin plastic glue, AC glue or two component epoxy. I remember the soft plastic used in my 1/76 scale Airfix soldiers. I never succeeded gluing that type of plastic in those days. Maybe an online forum for war gaming can help you find a solution?

  3. Hi Claus. It's soft plastic I have a problem with. I have AC glue with a pre glue application for plastic which appears to be working. But they remain delicate. No problem with metal figures.