Monday 15 June 2015

Summer puts a hold on modelling

Summer (combined with a lorry model that is fighting every effort I make at constructing a barely acceptable model) has put a short halt to my modelling activities. Lots of garden and house chores is being performed, though. I have been lucky enough to spend a few days on railway work in 1:1 scale. I have taken part in the running of passenger trains and the usual manual labour to keep the track in good order. Fortunately I really enjoy working with real narrow gauge railways and I pick up a lot of inspiration every time I volunteer on HVB. Just check out the film below - who wouldn't want to recreate such a nice train in model?

Modelling will be taken up again soon. No doubt the Danish weather will swiftly change and provide plenty of time for indoor activities. Plans for defeating the uncooperative lorry model have been drawn up and a supply of brick wall segments cast in plaster awaits being combined into a wall for my factory module. My summer vacation is also in sight and will as usual contain some modelling - more on that later.

The loco shunting skips in the film above is Deutz 10204 from 1931. Originally equipped with a petroleum engine it is now fitted with a Ruston & Hornsby diesel engine. As the British engine runs in the opposite direction of the original you have to put the loco in reverse to go forward. Be sure to think twice before you take off! Here the driver carefully position skips in the shed at Brandhoj station - the 700 mm. main line can be seen to the left.

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