Friday 5 June 2015

Constitution Day and Shrubbery (1/35)

Today was Constitution Day in Denmark. Each year we celebrate how democracy was introduced in Denmark in 1849. This year we also celebrate the centennial of women's right to vote. The day is a day off at the university where I work and the nice summer weather took me out on the porch to do a little modelling.

In an effort to spice up my bridge module with a bit more undergrowth I took advantage of some commercially made bushes.They are from Polak Model from the Czech Republic. I thought the banks of the stream needed more growth. I test planted some of the bushes and will continue to plant more along the stream.

My bushes are willow green and will add a touch of light to the banks of the stream.
The bushes right out of the package. They are fitted to a thick piece of felt with static grass and a little flock.
Planting bushes on the porch in Danish summer weather. A glass of French rosé adds to the pleasure.
While I like to do a lot of things from scratch, it is great to be able to take advantage of well made bushes right out of the box. It surely adds speed to my landscaping efforts.

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