Sunday 17 May 2015

Unfocused Progress (1/35)

Spring is developing in full here in Denmark and contributes to outdoor activities in the garden and on the 1:1 railway. I'm still making progress on my modelling, anyway. Unfocused it is, though,

This weekend I have been making good progress on the double cab Ford. The cargo bed is now assembled and the chassis painted. The finishing of the cab is somewhat slowed down by my ambition of fitting a three man crew to the lorry. The figures are basically done now and only needs some painting, but I haven't found out how to fit them in their seats and bring upper and lower cab parts together around them.
I'm still working on the cab. On the outside the surface is almost sanded smooth and ready for the fitting of details. The interior is painted and the dash board fitted with decals. Now I'm wondering how to fit the figures I have built.
After my December move I'm not short of boxes to sort. I'm still finding interesting stuff I had forgotten I had. Sunday morning was spent drinking coffee in my little greenhouse while reading the article 'Kotanga' from Continental Modeller from June 1991 about a 9 mm scale industrial railway model. The newest book in my library underlined the long history of modelling narrow gauge railways.

Inspirational reading - and relaxing. The Continental Modeller article is one of a few 'harvested' from my old collection of Railway Modeller and Continental Modeller. Only those selected articles are now filed - the rest of the magazines were disposed of.

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