Sunday 3 May 2015

Working on Module (1/35)

With most of the planning for the new module done work has now begun. I have been adapting the end profile to make it fit the bridge module. Nothing major - just five minutes with the power saw, some insulation foam, knife and plaster. After a test fit I went over the profile again and added a little more filler where needed.

I have also glued down the cork underlay. At each module end I fitted two brass screws. When laying track I solder the rail ends to the screws, thus making sure the rail ends are properly fixed and won't come off too easily in case of an accident. Next step is to lay the James Coldicott steel sleepered track panels. 

Gluing down cork. Weights from a variety of sources - a slice of 60 kg/m rail. three steel balls from a wagon turntable ball race and a bucket of gravel for ballasting. Spring has arrived in Denmark and I can work outside again!
I am also currently trying to cast brick wall segments from plaster in a silicone mould from Diorama Debris. I hope to use the plaster segments for the brick wall that separates Bankes Bakelit from Nystrup Gravel's track.

Silicone moulds for bricks and brick wall.

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