Monday 2 March 2015

Standard Gauge Wagon (1/35)

Isn't Nystrup Gravel's railway 600 mm. gauge? So why a standard gauge wagon, you might ask. Well, I will be using this goods wagon as a shed in a factory yard on a new module I'm currently planning.

The wagon is a laser cut kit from Norwegian producer Proinor. The company has a long history of producing Norwegian wagons in 1:32 scale and has recently begun offering Danish wagons in the same scale. In fact the output has been soaring. Despite me having to choose a small wagon due to limited space I was nevertheless left with a difficult task of choosing a wagon from Proinor's selection of short wagons. I finally chose the type Qa (Proinor 32-230) as it is not only small but also old, which is important as the wagon will have to fit credibly in the role of an old wagon used as a shed. Proinor kindly sold me the wagon without axle boxes or brake gear - no need for them as my wagon will be solidly grounded.

A finished Qa-wagon from a Proinor-kit. Photo: Arild Tangerud.

The class Qa was a Danish State Railways wagon built in the years from 1865 to 1873. Only 6 m. long and with a wheelbase of 3 m. most were taken out of service in the 1920's. Some survived longer as department wagons while others were sold off as sheds. In this way the wagon will fit in well as a shed on my railway in the early fifties.

Some of the parts for the Qa-wagon. Probably the largest wagon ever to hit my work bench!

Sides and inner ends about to be glued to the floor. I cut out a door and will fit laser cut windows in place of two of the hatches in one of the wagon's sides.

Outer ends being fitted. I use standard white glue and a generous number of metal clamps.

The wooden kit assembles with ease. The parts are finely cut and the fit is impressive. Very little glue is needed so I used it only sparingly in thin layers. There are no traditional instructions with drawings or exploded diagrams. Instead the kit is supplied with a CD with images showing the building process. I also used the excellent articles on building Proinor kits by Arne Nielsen available here.

On the image below is the wagon's current status.  I have painted floor and interior walls and given them a quick weathering. I am now in the process of fitting the wagon with a partial interior as well as lights.
Rough shelves being fitted along one side of the wagon. More shelves to be installed as well as a work bench and table.

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