Tuesday 24 March 2015

Rails Vs. Conveyor Belts

Among the papers from Nystrup Gravel I have found material that shows, that the company was approached by agents with the purpose of making the gravel company choose a conveyor belt to replace the narrow gauge railway. Nothing ever happened. Both management and key employees were satisfied with narrow gauge - not for the same reasons, though. Nystrup Gravel did use conveyors, but only for loading and unloading skips and during the sorting processes.

Front page of a brochure from Roulunds Fabriker found among the papers from Nystrup Gravel. Roulunds Fabriker was bought by A. P. Møller (the company behind Maersk Line) in 1960.

A belt for a conveyor isn't just any belt.
The conveyor belt salesmen had more luck with other gravel companies - companies that eventually prospered and outlived Nystrup Gravel. One of the clients could have included Conglomerate Aggregates - the company that took over some of Nystrup Gravel's old pits for further working.

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