Thursday 24 July 2014

Interior for Oil Engine Loco (1/35)

In spare moments on my vacation I have built most of the interior on my oil loco. I have not tried to replicate anything in great detail as very little of it will show on the finished model. I have installed a rough presentation of the one cylinder engine, gear box and the most visible levers. We have had a wonderful summer in Denmark and all modelling has been done outside on a garden table. You can actually work on your tan while railway modelling!

Beginning the interior: Closed gearbox, engine mount and flywheel. All from scraps of plastic exept the flywheel that is a converted Panther tank roadwheel from my spares box.

Most of the interior in place. Engine built up from plastic and resin bits from the spares box. Brake handwheel from TichyTrain - gearshift handwheels will be leftovers from a gun kit.
I have also begun modifying the MK35 figure that will become the driver of the little contraption. Until now I have been cutting heavily into the figure's legs to make him fit in the cab. He will be fitted in the cab by brass pins through the floor to make him removable.

This is what you see of the interior through the only opening in the loco body. Even without a driver it is rather little. The body itself is ready for its 'outer skin' of thin plasticard to be fitted.
I hope to be able to present a finished loco at the next Gauge 1 exhibition in November. Even with other projects going on. I think it is a realistic deadline.

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