Wednesday 6 August 2014

Resin Delivery Van (1/35)

Recently I bought some resin parts for two road vehicles from Brazil. One car is now on my workbench and in the process of becoming a delivery van for a hardware dealer in Nystrup. The kit is sold by a Brazilian modeller, Fabio Melo, and made from home cast hard, brittle resin. The quality is below what you normally get from the resin companies, so there is considerable work involved getting the parts prepared and united into a model. I like, however, to struggle a bit now and then instead of assembling a ‘walk in the park, out of the box-kit’.

The main part in Fabio Melo's Ford van kit. While the resin is thick and there are signs of mould slipping basic shape is good and in places the surface is as smooth as would be expected from one of the major resin companies.
Opening up windows and wheel arches took a lot of hard work with a mini drill. The resin dust and debris was flying and if a safety conscious modeller I would probably have put on breathing apparatus and safety goggles. After most of the surplus resin was removed I had to apply some Miliput to repair a few damages, air bubbles and to fill the indentations for the spare wheel and rear license plate. More sanding followed. While taking a break from the sanding chores I made up a new chassis from spare parts and plasticard. Despite being able to pull out a chassis from the spares box it took some fiddly work to accomplish.

Windows roughly opened up with mini drill. Damage on rear mudguard repaired with Miliput. I have further sanding ahead before I can prime the upper body.
My new chassis for the Ford. I dug it out of my spares box. I think it started as a Soviet armoured car. The chassis was lengthened to fit the body, a spare front axle was fitted and a new floor made from plasticard. The engine top was brutally cut off with a cutting disc in the mini drill. The wheels are from the original Fabio Melo kit.
 I won't spend much time on the interior. Not much can be seen through the small windows. I will fit the two seats and a steering wheel.  For good measure I will glue some boxes in the back to block the view through the car.
I have been working with the exhaust piping on my oil loco, but haven't finished anything yet. I have been able to dump two miserable attempts in the waste basket, though.

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