Monday 11 June 2012

"Where do you keep your models?" (1/35)

... a friend asked me a while ago. "They don't come in boxes I suppose?"

Most railway modellers buying ready to run-models off the shelves from a hobby shop doesn’t have too many problems storing their models when not in use. The models comes in neat boxes that protect the models and some boxes even doubles as fancy display cases. I have yet to buy a ready to run-model in a box so I need to find some other way to store my more or less home built models. Even when a kit is available the box it is supplied in is intended to safely store the kit parts – not the finished model. So my friend was right - I have to find other ways to store my models.
After a lot of searching I found some neat little wooden boxes that fits perfectly for storage and transport of the smallest of my locomotives. I bought them for 7 € for three boxes and they are probably made in the Far East. For larger locos I have found a somewhat larger size of wooden box in a craft store in Denmark 'Panduro Hobby'. The large box can accomodate a quite large loco (or two smaller) and sells for 8 €.

I glue a piece of plastic card in the bottom of the box fitting between the loco’s wheels and fit soft foam material as padding. The foam is cut to fit so close to the loco that the loco is kept in tension between the foam pieces. Combined with foam pieces glued to the lid fitting over the loco this keeps the loco safely in place. The gentle pressure of the foam lining even allows the box to be turned up side down without damage to the model. Painting the number of the loco on the box top allows me to easily pick out the right box when looking for a specific loco.

It probably wouldn't be too difficult to custom build boxes to fit specific locos and wagons, but I really feel I have to draw the line somewhere. I'll still be on the lookout for nice wooden boxes in the coming years, so feel free to share your ideas and suppliers!

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  1. Practical, universal and cheap solution for storage:-)

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