Thursday 28 June 2012

Ford Progress (1/35)

I'm slowly progressing on the Ford V3000. The first part of the building of the kit can be found on Ford V3000 from Bankes Bakelit.

Before closing up the cab I tried to fit the kit decals for the instrument panel. They fell apart and couldn't be saved. Dry transfers from Archer saved the day. I used Archer's set AR35214 for German vehicles. The dials were given a quick pass with matt varnish before having a drop of Kristall Klear each to simulate glass. Floor, fire wall and door fillings in the cab are 'slate grey' while the rest of the interior is red. Seat cushions are gloss black.

I decided not to use the kit's extremely fiddly exhaust system. Seven parts for an exhaust pipe seems to me a bit over the top! All the piping was replaced with solder wire, the only original part being used was the silencer. Apart from the exhaust I didn't need to worry about replacing parts and I can really recommend this kit. As you can see from the pictures only very limited work with putty and sand paper was needed. Building a civilian vehicle I dind't fit the kit's military fittings like shovel, jerry can holder and convoy lights. Consequently I had to fill a few holes - most of the putty was used at these locations.

Cab ready for primer. Traces of putty and paint used for fault finding can be seen. The red paint makes sure, that the inside of the window frames has the same colour as the exterior. Masking tape is from Tamiya.
The model is now primed with Game Workshop's 'Chaos Black' and painting can commence.

I have finished the designing of decals and an order for transfers will be sent in the coming days. It will probably take some time for the transfers to arrive in my mail box, but this wedensday 8 skip kits arrived from England to make sure I'm not without something to build (as if I hadn't plenty of unbuilt kits on the shelves).

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