Sunday 17 June 2012

Nystrup in Provence, France? (1/35)

In the most recent newsletter from the Danish Model Railway Union (DMJU) Nystrup Gravel gets a brief mention (on page 16) of it's trip to the Gauge 1 exhibition in april. Although the management of the gravel company has taken every measure to underline that the company is located in Denmark, the DMJU author is nevertheless reminded of Provence in France by the landscape around the little gravel line. Well, Provence wasn't the goal I was striving to reach...

Artignosc-en-Provence. Nice and sunny.
I'm getting back to the work bench and will add more unmistakenly Danish elements to the modules. Now where can I put the mail box from Epokemodeller or should I put up a flag pole with a Danish flag?

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