Saturday 21 April 2012

Up and running (1/35)

Getting my humble module set up ready for the participation in the Gauge 1 exhibition in Rolfsted near Odense has taken up much of my spare time for the last few weeks. My new module with the bridge has been taken into use, but is far from finished. The new fiddle yard comprised of two 80 cm modules were the last thing to get finished being built practically on site at the exhibition. One of the good things about attending exhibitions or meetings is the motivation that makes one work much faster and put aside more time for modelling. Normally being a very slow modeller the demands of meeting a dead line brings out a new aspect in modelling.

Nystrup Gravel is for a few days resident on the Danish island of Fyn. Nearest the camera is my fiddle yard, next my three landscaped modules and in the distance three 'naked' modules from Arne Nielsen.
Not only getting the modules ready has taken time, making locos and rolling stock ready for service, packing models safely for transport and arranging all the stuff that is needed to make everything work properly takes quite some time. I hope I have everything I need for faultless operation of Nystrup Gravel for the next two days.

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