Tuesday 24 April 2012

Impressions from the Gauge 1 exhibition (1/35)

Having spent two full days setting up modules, running trains and watching other modellers' work, it is hard to get motivated unpacking the stuff which now resides all over my normal working space. Much more fun staring at photos from the event and do some ‘arm chair modelling’ (made really easy with wireless internet and tablet PC). I suppose I’m not going to get any serious modelling done the next few weeks.
Let me instead share some photos and links of both Nystrup Gravel’s excursion to Fyn and some of the standard gauge 1:32 stuff that maybe could be of interest to narrow gauge enthusiasts. To the non-Danish speaking audience I apologize for the links to sites in Danish, but I’m sure you’ll be able to appreciate videos and images. First a few images from my own camera (amazing how little time you have to watch other layouts when you're a one man show at an exhibition). More photos on my Flickr-site.

The exhibition was held in an area where gravel was once a main industry. Small remnants of the activity can still be found today - much to my interest! Narrow gauge in the area fell out of use during the early 1970's.

The hired Henschel DG 26 from contractor Arne Nielsen pulling stone wagons from the pits.

Loco 23 with a long train of skips. Only very few derailments occured during two days of operation - even with a train this long. Must be an indication that the staff did a good job building the track. The edges of the modules could still use some finishing work, though.

Loco 22 passing what I think will become a great 'scenic divider' in the future. A small tree line will act as a 'gate' to the next scene. Sorry for the unfinished landscape at the front...
Despite the somewhat 'odd man out-status' of the industrial narrow gauge theme and scale (1:35 as opposed to Gauge 1 1:32) it seems that Nystrup Gravel made an impression on several viewers. At least my small modules have been able to be mentioned on two Danish sites. You can see them here:

At exhibitions many enthusiasts make substantial 'investments' in new rolling stock and other items for their layouts. I made it home with only small additions to my collection: two small trees, two mail boxes, an assortment of gas bottles and a rabbit. You may even be able to spot the rabbit in the image below?
Spot the rabbit on this photo of the Henschel with empty stone wagons.
The exhibition was an enjoyable 'outing' for my small gravel company and I hope to be invited again. A big thank to the organizers. It is no small feat to set up such a large arrangement!

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