Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Spudded wheels - Volvo T 41

I may be building an industrial railway, but I have an interest in tractors too. As the town of Nystrup is located in a rural area and the gravel company's railway winds its way through a lot of fields, models of tractors are not out of place. Even though I build in 1:35 scale I have become sort of addicted to the tractor models in 1:32 from Model Tractor Co. Last summer I built a Volvo T 41 with a wood burning gas generator. A gas generator was used on many lorries, smaller locomotives and tractors during the German occupation of Denmark 1940-1945 to save liquid fuel. The gas generator turned wood into gas to be burned in the engine.

The tractor is painted with Vallejo acrylics. Engine block and gear box are 975 'Military Green' while wheels, bonnet and fenders are 70957 'Flat Red'. The gas generator is painted in Model Air 064 'Chrome'. The tractor is lightly weathered with oil paints and pastel chalks. The tractor's license plate is a custom made decal from the small Danish producer Skilteskoven. The small markings on the generator are from a set by Archer - 'small instructional plaques'. The 'Volvo' markings are from the kit.

A nice kit, easy to assemble and a great addition to my little piece of 1950's Denmark. If any inspiration is still needed to build one yourself, enjoy this image from a Volvo commercial!


  1. very nice blog, how did you make your grass look so realistic?

  2. Hi Gil
    Thanks for the encouragement! Well, I didn't do anything, really. I jusk bought grass matts from the German manufacturer Heki. The grass is called 'Wildgrass' in the length you see in the tractor photo. I translates roughly to 'wild grass'. I can be had in different lengths and colours. You might find this useful:

    Best regards Claus