Monday, 23 June 2014

Diversion in 1:1 Scale

Well, it is actually the 1:35 scale modelling that is a diversion from my railway building in 1:1, but never mind. Last week Hedelands Veteranbane (HVB) took delivery of more than 700 new sleepers from Sweden. They arrived by truck and were unloaded from the trailer by an almost heritage worthy fork lift. The sleepers were loaded on three pair of low transport bogies for transport to different sidings along the 5 km. long HVB. If you care to follow the work done on HVB by its volunteers check the members' blog - it is usually updated at least once a week.

No chance Nystrup Gravel will ever run trains like the one below. When replacing worn out sleepers, Nystrup Gravel usually used untreated fir or oak sleepers sawn locally. They weren't bought in large quantities, but in small batches when they were needed. Steel sleepers were used on straight, level sections of the line were the load on the track was low.

Sleepers being unloaded from the truck/trailer combo of 'Palms Ã…keri' from Sweden.

Almost 600 sleepers being transported through the lush green of Hedeland. The sleepers came in 40 piece 'packs' wrapped with steel bands.

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