Tuesday 6 July 2021

Clearing Shelves

When I changed scale to 1/19 I sold most of my 1/35 scale models to fellow modellers around Europe. I kept some as they were simply too nice to let go, while others were planned for exhibition purposes. The chance of getting models exhibited seems pretty slim within the nearest future and recently I was wondering how best to dispose of a few models. My 1/19 scale models take up a lot of room and let's face it: I'm not going to find use for my remaining 1:35 models any time soon.

My 1:35 Italeri BMW motor cycle parked in front of a small garage. Once the MC served Nystrup Gravel, now it earns its living on roads in a 1:35 version of Luxembourg. One of the models disposed off in late 2018.

A fellow modeller in Denmark has begun to show interest i 1:32 scale and as I know him to be a dedicated modeller showing great appreciation for old things (he's even working as a museum's curator), I decided to turn over a few models for him to take care of for the future.

I had a range of models that fitted exactly in the era that he models in. Some of them were equipped with wood gas generators only in use during his 1940's period of modelling, so I guessed my donation would be appreciated. I wasn't wrong and quickly a short meeting was set up and the models changed owners. I even got a bottle of Tranquebar Royal Danish Navy Gin in exchange and I must admit that the gin tastes far better than any railway model I have tried so far!

My 1:35 Citroen Traction Avant registration number E 2651 photographed by its new owner on his modular system of photo planks and backgrounds. 

See more images and a short description of the Citroen on my friend's modelling blog in Danish. It wouldn't surprise me if other models with a past on Nystrup Gravel should show up in the coming months.

The morale of the story is, that if you want your models to live on after you have finished with them, just ask if anyone wants them. If they aren't instant sellers and can't bring in cash for new projects, then pass them on to other modellers which may have use for them. Definately a better solution than throwing them away.

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