Friday, 10 April 2020

Temporary Garden Railway

With nice weather and high temperatures during Easter I took the opportunity to establish a short temporary outdoor line in my garden. Located on the outskirts of a lawn recently cleaned from moss, the line provided me a possibility to take Nystrup Gravel's No. 3 for a run with a few skips.
Skips 27, 4 and 58 behind loco no. 3 on the temporary garden line. Despite it's length there was a pronounced dip in the line giving the Lister with only one driven axle a little challenge.

The temporary garden line is not the beginning of a garden railway. It's a chance to run trains outdoors, enjoying the sun and find out what viewing angles are the most beneficial in the garden. Consisting of only 4 Peco SM32 track panels it's a very short line, but with a scale length of 74 m nevertheless longer than at least two Danish prototype narrow gauge industrial railways.

As many garden railway modellers, I have found it quite difficult to simultaneously operate a lcoomotive and follow it with a camera, particularly on a short line. A few test shots clearly documented the need for a tripod. Still, even with the camera on a tripod, there is a long way to a perfect result.
Lister with skips passing a few of the garden's tulips.

My first 16 mm scale wagon pulled by my first (and so far) only locomotive in that scale.


  1. Very nice :) I Like the wat you have painted and weathered the GVT wagon, is that a Binnie kit?

  2. Thanks a lot for the comment and feedback, Gerald. Yes, it is a Binnie kit. It was my first in 16 mm scale. You can see it recently finished in this 2018-post:

    Best regards