Thursday 16 April 2020

All DIN-Skips Painted

All 6 German DIN-skips are now covered in paint. I don't pretend they are completely finished as I plan to give them all a layer of dust and small amounts of gravel deposited here and there. The skips are painted differently. One is in almost pristine and newly reapired condition, complete with welded repair and a fancy company name as well as numbering. 3 are in a moderately worn condition with rust showing through and the last 2 are almost completely devoid of any covering paint.
Nystrup Gravel's 3 'newest' skips. One recently refurbished and 2 in need of an overhaul, unless the rust should be allowed to keep eating away the steel. 
The skips have all been numbered in accordance with the usual Nystrup Gravel practice. That is: without any particular practice at all. The skips are numbered 2, 3, 4, 12, 27, 58. Some with crudely hand painted digits, some with large stencils and the rusty ones with chalked on digits, the original painted on digits having rusted away.
3 skips showing different levels of damage. One recently repaired and 2 both buckled and rusty. 

Some of the coarse texture of rust flakes and caked on dirt on the side of skip no 3 can be seen quite easily in this image.
The majority of the corona-measures are still in force in Denmark at the time of writing. The youngest children are back in school (still with social distancing in force) and the lock-down is lifted just a tiny bit in some business sectors. I'm still working full time and consequently not enriched with more time for modelling. Still I think things are progressing rather well at Nystrup Gravel.

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