Friday 28 February 2020

First Pedershaab Run

I have run my 16 mm scale Pedershaab loco for the first time. The model is still in a very early stage, but the running test worked out alright.

This is the test configuration for the first run of my 1/19 Pedershaab on 32 mm gauge. With wires attached the motor is running and the Lister is acting as a brake to keep the one day to be finished-model in the same spot to be photographed.

Rather than using a double installation of 2 3.7V 650 mAh batteries as I had planned, I used a single 3.7V 2800 mAh Li-ion battery. Even with generous space under the bonnet for battery and motor, the double battery plan took up too much space. A single battery simplyfies the circuitry and with a much higher mAh-value the single battery will probably outlast the double battery solution in endurance anyway.

I had planned to fit the battery in a fancy battery holder bolted to a plasticcard bracket, but in the end I exchanged it for a simple construction of five pieces of plasticcard and a cable tie. I soldered tabs to each pole on the battery and attached cables to them.
Plastic bracket and battery holder before I chose a much more primitive solution. No need to complicate things.

Running is nice and slow even with no RC-gear fitted. The delrin chain transfers drive to the second axle and adds a realistic sound of chain clutter. I will definately fit RC-equipment to the model, but perhaps a simple on/off switch and directional change switch would be enough to get realistic running?

With my own interest in locomotives from Pedershaab I was thrilled to see a Danish loco builder having 2 series of standard gauge Pedershaab locos in 1:32 scale in progress. On standard gauge the Pedershaab locos were used for light shunting duties - one loco being immortalized for starring in a 'Olsenbanden' movie. More info on the models can be found here - in Danish.
Parts for 1:32 scale standard gauge Pedershaab shunting tractors on a Danish modeller's work bench.
Parts for several 1:32 scale Pedershaab shunting tractors await final assembly.

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