Thursday 12 December 2019

Nystrup Gravel in Print

Nystrup Gravel is mostly living a quiet existence in my study and online, being mostly shared in a language foreign to me, English. Just recently my modelling adventure has been mentioned in a small Danish modelling magazine being distributed to members of one of the oldest railway modelling societies in the kingdom of Denmark. Established in October 1945 the society is still active modelling in 0 gauge.
Front page of the magazine 'Train 60'. The model of Aarhus Central Station is an impressing model in 1:45 scale. 
A brief history of Nystrup Gravel and several very nicely reproduced photos are included in the 3 page article. The article also deals with my change of modelling scale and there is even a small portrait of me and my railway career combining modelling, heritage railway activity and my real job for a railway contractor.
Two pages spread out on the floor. The large photographs are nicely printed.

Factually there isn't much in the article that hasn't already been treated in detail here on the blog. The difference is the nice style that the article's author has managed to add both in and between the lines. And the fact that the information about Nystrup Gravel is delivered directly to some very talented modellers, of course. The author is Nils Bloch, a Danish writer with several books on his CV, a range of university degrees as well as years of active service for railway preservation.
Nils Bloch's latest book about a small Danish standard gauge light railway line. A book packed with facts and countless stories from the line's everyday life until closure in 1968.


  1. Congratulations, well deserved publicity.

    I'm not sure I could blog about my modelmaking in German, so I admire anyone who can write in their second language for 'fun'.

  2. Admire the Danish educational system, Andy. It gave me the possibility to learn English and Swedish rather well, German sufficiently to get along even in writing and Russian to manage reading texts and shout 'cheers'.