Sunday, 3 November 2019

Brexit and Modelling

I will not be going political here. Only mentioning that for a continental European there is currently a good exchange rate to the pound when shopping in the UK. With a lot of interesting products to 16 mm scale coming from Great Britain now is a good time to buy some of the stuff you think you might need. Without worrying about future risks for custom issues and higher prices.

This week I received a small parcel from Severn Models containing two WD class P kits in 1/19 scale. I'm not exactly planning anything in the way of a military railway, but the wagons' light construction appealed to me. I guess Nystrup Gravel used them for light permanent way work, taking materials and tools to work sites along the track. 
Flat packed kits of the WD class P. Quite an advantage as my kits will go into storage for while.

Kit contents unpacked. Etched brass for under frame and strapping, cast parts for detailing in plastic bag, plastic card for wooden parts and Slater's wheels.

See details of the kit on Severn Model's web site, where the kit can also be purchased. I tend to buy kits once I discover them, as I have previously found that waiting too long can result in sold out kits or the company disappearing. Perhaps you should consider that too?

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  1. I'm trying to get more expensive bicycle parts that the UK makes while there's a good exchange rate as well...