Monday 29 October 2018

Workbench Cleaned!

On a Sunday where we had the first snow in Denmark this winter, I had several indoor maintenance projects. One involved some 1:1 interior painting and as I had the lid off the paint bucket and roller loaded with paint, I cleared my workbench completely and treated it to a new layer of white paint.
Workbench cleaned, painted and reequipped with tools and supplies. The snow melted away in a few hours. Next project on the bench is a 16 mm scale I. P. Engineering Lister-loco.
It is almost four years since the bench was painted last time. At that time we had just moved house and I was allowed to claim a larger area for modelling. Some will probably find my workspace cramped, but I like how on dark evenings, the darkness envelops me as I sit bent over a model in my little modelling cave.

As a consequence of my workbench clearing work I still have some indoor maintenance projects to do...

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