Thursday 4 October 2018

Larger Scale, Bigger Models

My new adventures in 16 mm scale provides me with lots of surprises. One of them is the size! I still have to get used to the size of the models as they are very large compared to 1:35 (which is itself considered a large scale). Recently I had the request to place a skip next to an object of known size for comparison. I went to the refrigerator, picked out a can of beer and placed it on the worktable next to a few models.
Hudson skip from Binnie Engineering, Ffestiniog wagon from I P Engineering (in progress) and figure from Modelu (just arrived) next to a can of beer.
The image provides an idea to everyone not accustomed to 16 mm scale, how large the models are. I predict I will have to keep a more tidy worktable to handle my future projects in 16 mm scale.

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