Sunday 3 June 2018

Budget Modelling Water Cart (1/35)

Having finished the living van to accompany the steam roller I couldn't resist taking on building a two wheeled water trailer to be added to the road train. I couldn't find a Danish water cart that suited my taste, but a British one had caught my eye. Very simple and of a lovely 'art noveau'ish' style.

A British steam roller pulling a water cart. The wagon has been fitted with a seat but is otherwise simplicity itself.
My water cart is completely made from left overs from other kits, a few lengths of copper wire and plastick stock. A true piece of budget modelling! My model isn't a direct copy of the British cart, but rather my rough representation simply capturing the main shapes.
Slow transport on its way to the next work site. The sunny and warm Danish summer makes sure the steam roller driver isn't freezing in his exposed position.

Top: Without paint and details. Bottom: Detailed, painted and weathered. The wheels are from an old kit of a Soviet armoured car. Even the suction hose and rolled up firehose came from the spares box. Only the decals were bought for this little project.

The steam roller incl. its road train on my almost finished 'road plank' in the garden. I've fitted simple telegraph poles along the roadside.

"The county's road repair equipment enroute to the deplorable roads between Dimholt and Ubehage. About time." Image and part of the photo caption from an old Nystrup newspaper. 1949.

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