Thursday 22 December 2016

Modelling and Consistency (1/35)

Now that's a weird headline. But to me it's pretty straight forward, really. To be believable a model railway has to make a balanced and good impression. To me that means that all the elements of the model railway fit together. Period and theme seems to be major considerations for many railway modellers. It is for me too. I also try to get the same level of detail on trains, buildings, figures and road vehicles. To make everything blend together. Exactly like in reality, where a lorry isn't any less detailed than a locomotive.
Here is a scene from my humble effort of making a balanced and consistent model of a narrow gauge industrial railway. A train in a landscape, a tractor, water tower and a warning sign. All items modelled with the same attention to detail to avoid one to 'outperform' the others.
As railway modellers we tend to focus on the trains. So much that most railway modellers don't even pay particular attention to track as long as it works. My idea of the ideal model railway is one with good overall detail and trains matching the surrounding landscape - in both theme, period, level of detail and weathering. Much like a three dimensional painting with movement.

A section of track on the Nystrup Gravel line. My attempt at making track as detailed as everything else I build or use.

I have participated in the Danish Gauge 1 exhibitions since the event was first held in 2010 and I have seen my share of bare plywood layouts with expensive locos and rolling stock. The contrast is striking and unrealistic. Nevertheless this years event showed how the Gauge 1 scene in Denmark is fast developing. From the huge collections of mostly German rolling stock and locos in 'out of the box-condition' running on naked plywood ovals. To kit and scratch built rolling stock with realistic weathering running on landscaped modules set up to feature end to end running. Nystrup Gravel didn't participate in this year's version of the event. Due to a tight schedule and career priorities I decided to skip the event. I hope to return to the event next time and enjoy even more Gauge 1 modelling!

Examples of some of the modelling shown on the Gauge 1 event. A typical Danish four wheel passenger wagon and brick built station building. Both of them probably the result of many hours of work at the workbench. Note also how much better the track in the background looks compared to that closest to the camera. Photo: Lis Nielsen, 2016.

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