Saturday 31 December 2016

2016 In Review (1/35)

With the end of the year 2016 only a few hours away it's time to sum up the modelling fun I've had. Once again quite a lot has been going on. The year started with the arrival of a 1:35 scale Fowler from Australia. Designed, built and painted by Chris Millar the locomotive have had a few test runs and I also managed to build a driver figure for the loco. Lots of tasks remaining, though. The loco was one of my few purchases for Nystrup Gravel during 2016. I made a decision to try and clear away some of the kits and projects already sitting on my shelves.

A nice summer made it possible for me to spend a lot of time on the porch. I have found that most modelling tasks can be done outside.  A result of the modelling done there was an almost finished new module showing the gravel line passing by the factory complex of Banke's Bakelite. For several years the little stream running under the 600 mm. tracks of Nystrup Gravel have been completely dry. In 2016 I finally pulled myself together to get the water done. I had heard a lot of modellers having trouble with the commercially available water products. I simply chose to paint gloss varnish on the stream's gravel bed. I built up several layers and liked the effect.

Anyone having read more than five blog posts here will know that I enjoy making road vehicles. During 2016  I finished a tractor for my trailer from the small building contractor 'Solvang Entreprenørforretning'. A bus also made it's debut on the roads around Nystrup. On both bus and trailer tractor I managed to get good masked and air brushed paint schemes. It seems that my painting practice finally paid off.

The year's last finished models were two Hudson bogie flat wagons. I had worked on them on and off during the last three years and finally made my mind up to finish them. Modelling is a hobby but sometimes it takes a little extraordinary determination to finish a project. Having the discipline to finish every model is an important part of my modelling - it helps me maintain focus and not start too many projects.

I hope to continue modelling the gravel company's little railway and parts of the environment around the line in 2017. Happy New Year!

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