Friday 5 August 2016

Where do you keep your modules? (1/35) a question sometimes popping up when I talk to other railway modellers. Finding room for a model railway is a challenge for many modellers - me too. There is so much you and your family like to use the available space for. Most of it (let's face it) more important than a model railway. For storage my modules are simply placed on IKEA shelves of the Ivar-type. Being 80 cm. long my modules fits exactly on the shelves (no wonder, as that's why the modues are 80 cm. wide). The modules are placed along one of the the walls of the room where I have my work table. Some of my railway books are stored on the shelves not taken up by the four modules.

The combined modelling room and library also works as a quiet study .

I can't run trains on the modules when they are placed in the book shelves. For running purposes I erect the modules in our living room or more often in a garden shed of ours. While set ups in the living room are naturally very brief, Nystrup Gravel can have its quiet existence in the shed without too many comments from the family. As the shed is uninsulated and unheated it is only during the warmer months I can set up the modules for any considerable length of time. It is not a big issue for me, as I enjoy building models much more than running trains.
A humble shed in the garden houses the gravel line during running set ups.

Modules being erected in the shed. The railway has to compete with a variety of other items for space. You'll probably know all about that.
With marked module legs it took no time getting the modules assembled, wires were quickly connected and trains were running after no more than 15 minutes of work.


  1. Great post! This example should be in every newspaper .. =)

    Modules or separate sections really are the way to go. You start small and expand in the speed you will. By time the empire grows and still it only occupies shelf space..


  2. It's is realy great to see your layout coming along, a railroad with a purpose. I hope I can get my railroad going to soon.

    Best regards
    Hans H