Sunday 26 January 2014

New Skips for Nystrup Gravel (1/35)

Just as 2013 drew to a close the Hesketh and Snoodyk series of skip kits in 1:35 scale were released. I have not yet seen any of the kits built, but hope that Nystrup Gravel will soon take delivery of a number of them. From the images available online the skips looks very promising. With my little railway being a gravel line it relies heavily on skips. So far the skips have been Scale Link skips rebuilt in various degrees and a batch of Slaters Plastikard Hudson skips. From drawings and images the Hesketh and Snoodyk skips will likely be a good representation of the type of skips that has been the dominant type of steel skip on Danish narrow gauge industrial railways.

Painted and weathered skips of both braked and unbraked type. Photo: Hesketh Scale Models.
More info on the skips and prices can be found on the website of Hesketh Scale Models.

Nystrup Gravel's batch of skips will be delivered through the well known Danish dealer of skips, locomotives, rail and spare parts, V. Spøer from the town of Middelfart (and no, the city's name has nothing to do with gas...).

Aerial view of V. Spøer's premises in Middelfart, probably during the 1950's. A few skips can be seen in the centre of the photo, while track panels and rails are stocked on the area to the far right. Cropped part of a Sylvest Jensen photograph (NKS 04382) now residing in the collections of the Royal Danish Library.
I worked a lot with skips in 2012 and below are a few links to earlier blog posts on those activities:
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