Sunday 4 August 2013

Jung Driver (1/35)

I like to equip my locos with drivers. Having a large scale open cab loco running unmanned along the track isn't very realistic. You may get away with it in the smaller scales, but in 1:35 it looks quite odd! The figure also helps to make the scale more obvious. With a figure, the loco's small size immediately shows and my model isn't taken for a larger loco in a smaller scale.

The figure fitted in the cab. A snap shot on the garden table after a quiet afternoon of modelling in the sun.
The figure in the Jung is dressed in denim overalls and made by MK35 in France. I have used several of MK35's figures and most are great value for money. I have quite a few still in their bags for future use. I chopped off the figure's tennis shoes and fitted a pair of more appropriate leather shoes. To make him fit in the cab I had to performe extensive surgery to his leg and pelvis region. It involved some brutal sawing followed by glue and reshaping with Miliput. I also changed the position of the figure's arms.
Image from MK 35's web site showing the figure in original condition. Photo: MK35
My version of the MK35 figure before painting.
The problem with large scale figures is that they are hard for me to paint well. I keep on trying. The result this time is not much better than last time I tried. But I'll keep on trying!

With a driver in the cab, the U-Models' Jung ZL 114 is now finished.


  1. Hi Claus,
    Your finished Jung looks even better, now that it is "populated". I've added plates to mine and now just finishing the Planet loco I got last month from James. Will send pictures to you in the near future.

  2. Hi Pete
    I'm looking forward to see both your Jung with plates and the Hibberd Planet. Seems like you'll be the first again. First man with a finished Jung and the first with a Planet (that I have heard of, anyway).

    I have just ordered my first 3D printed model and while I still have plenty of work to keep me busy for most daylight hours, I'm looking forward to receive my loco every day. It's almost like being a kid again!