Friday 12 July 2013

Tracked Tractor (1/35)

In a previous post I mentioned my latest kit purchase - a Soviet S-65 tracked tractor. Two such tractors came to Nystrup Gravel after the German occupation. See my interpretation of the tractors' history. Having recently worked on two locomotive models I could hardly wait to get my hands on a tractor model, so I started building immediately after opening the box.

Frame with gear box and the two track assemblies ready to be joined.
The Trumpeter kit fits together well. The only challenge is the tracks that are made up of some quite tiny parts. Even though the tractor has only 32 track links in each track, the assembly seems to last an eternity (each track link having three parts). I made frequent breaks so as not to get bored - or getting sore eyes. Working on several models at a time is a benefit here, as I could switch from model to model as my mood suited me. When the challenge had been met, I was in possession of two workable lengths of track ready to go on the tractor.

Modelling in the summer cottage on the checkered table cloth. The tractor is test fitted with the workable tracks. The seat has been clad with kitchen aluminium foil to give some texture to the surface. I fitted a small tool box from a Fordson kit to the S-65. Other than that the model is assembled more or less straight from the box. I didn't fit any lights on the tractor as I imagined they would have been quickly lost on the tractor's way from Russia to Denmark.
The Trumpeter kit comes without an engine. As the huge engine is such a prominent part of the tractor, building the model with the louvered side panels on seems a shame - at least to me. I bought a resin engine (kit no. 35406) from LZ-Models. The engine is a little kit in itself containing 40 resin parts and 27 photoetched items. LZ-models has many interesting kits, among them some very detailed 1:35 standard gauge goods wagons.

Back home in my modelling cave the tractor was primed. The many parts of the LZ-Models engine are being cleaned up from flash before assembly. An easy job, as the moulding quality is excelent. 

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