Saturday 13 July 2013

Fitting Works Plates On The Jung (1/35)

Having finished the U-Models Jung ZL 114 I wondered if I could fit works plates to the model. I was particularly inspired by Anders Runnholms thoroughly rusty ZL 114 that he seems to have fitted with photographic reproductions of Jung works plates. I wondered if it was possible to persuade someone to do a set of etched works plates for the kit. The U-Models kit is great and deserves that extra bit of detailing.

One evening I was looking at the parts for the O&K MD2-kit from Hesketh Scale Models in 1:35. Amazed by the fine etchings of the O&K-logo and works plates I wrote an e-mail to Mark Hesketh asking him if he could make some plates for me. Fortunately Mark Hesketh said yes and supplied with some photos of Jung works plates and measurements of the model's raised plate detail he took up the challenge. Despite Mark's busy schedule it didn't take long before I received an etch. Mark's own research also meant that he had included an example of an agent's plate (some locos were sold through agents that also fitted plates to the loco).

The U-Models kit has raised plates (without anything on them) several places. I should have researched my photos and books a bit more before I assembled the kit. It turns out that the model has more plates than usual for most Jungs. With my model all assembled and painted I decided to live with that and focus on getting some nice plates fitted. You can see the result below.

Nystrup Gravel no. 6 with etched works plate on the lower cab rear side.

After cutting the plate from the etched fret, I gave it a quick pass with clear, matt varnish. I then flooded the plate with thinned black oil paint. After some drying time I carefully wiped the plate on a stiff piece of card. After the black paint had dried completely I gave it another pass with matt varnish. The plate was fitted to the loco with two component epoxy. That gives you plenty of time to adjust the plate's position. I'm sure someone with more talent and patience could make the plate stand out even more.
Seeing the Jungs that have been assembled and those being built at the moment, it was logical for Mark Hesketh to make a few more etchings now he was at it. If you want a set for your own U-Models Jung kit you can see them here. I'm not affiliated with Hesketh Scale Models.
A photo of the etch I received from Mark Hesketh. The plates are drawn from images I picked up on the internet, and the works numbers are not checked for correctness on a ZL 114. The agent's plates in the lower right corner are from Oving, a Dutch agent and loco hiring company. If building the U-Models kit in the 700 mm. gauge version these plates would fit perfect! Photo: Mark Hesketh.


  1. Hi Claus,
    Your plates look good. I've just ordered a set for my Jung. Also from the UK, I have one of Jame's 10hp Planets due here soon.

  2. I'm sure the plates will look terrific on your Jung. It's the sort of detail that makes modelling in 1:35 worthwhile. I'm looking forward to see your Planet loco. Currently I'm building a driver for the Jung. I'm using a figure from MK35 from France but it needs a lot og surgery to fit in the cab.

    Best regards