Wednesday 19 June 2013

Canadian Speeder (1/35)

I thought that Nystrup Gravel was the only 1:35 model railway to have a 'garden shed-type' speeder. But I have learned that Pete Mesheau in Canada over the last few weeks has built a speeder with pretty much the same general characteristics as Nystrup's speeder No. 7. Pete has allowed me to show a few images of his nice model. I'm proud that the first model built by a friend to feature on my blog is such a nice piece of scratch building.
Speeder no. 8 scratch built by Pete Mesheau in 1:35 scale. I never dreamt of seeing a little family of speeders in 1:35 - even numbered i cronological sequence. Photo: P. Mesheau.
Although it looks as if Pete's speeder is fitted with a more powerful engine than mine, both speeders are actually built on Black Beetles. Pulling three wagons was beoynd Nystrup's speeder's capability. Photo: P. Mesheau.
It is a great honour for me to have a model of my somewhat weird design being remodelled on the other side of the Atlantic. Pete wrote "When I saw your speeder, it 'spoke' to me, so I had to build one. Over the years, I've built similar models for western US logging roads. They are not overly pretty, but very charming". Pete called his model a 'Nielsen rip-off', but I don't see it that way. I haven't been ripped of anything - having gained much pleasure from seeing Pete's speeder. I believe that the motto 'if you don't share, you don't receive' applies to modelling as well as most other aspects of life.

Of particular interest is the features for crew safety Pete has built into his model. The exhaust pipe is routed above the roof to minimize ingress of dangerous gases and the fuel tank fills from outside the speeder to avoid fuel spills in the cabin. I’m sure Nystrup employees would applaud solutions like that.

Pete is very productive and has just finished this Fordson Thames lorry. It is built on the basis of a resin kit (Wespe Models) with a scratch built tipping body. The driver is a figure from James Coldicott.  Photo: P. Mesheau.

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  1. Hi Claus,
    On the weekend I added a driver figure to the speeder as well as repainted my "rusty" Jung. I'll send pics of the Jung. I've also ordered one of the 10HP Planet loco kits form James.