Thursday 27 December 2012

Grandad's lorries

During the Christmas holidays I had time for a little research in the family archives. The result is as series of images showing some of the lorries belonging to the brick works where my grandad worked during the 1940's. I have mentioned my grandad in previous posts. See him drive a 600 mm loco or take a look at my model of a thresher and tractor - also inspired by my grandad's work in rural Denmark.

Grandad posing in front of lorry number 2 from P. Bolvig (the owner of the Orebo brick works). The lorry is equipped with a gas generator and from the writing on the filter box behind the cab it seems to be a 'Vulkan'. Grandad is wearing the characteristic apron worn by many lorry drivers. Photo from 1940-1945.

Another P. Bolvig lorry ( E 1734) shortly after the war. The lorry (a Ford AA?)  is hauling peat to be used as fuel in the brick oven. A few years later my grandad left the brick works to become a full time lorry driver for one of the peat factories around Bodal, hauling peat by lorry to Copenhagen.

Grandad and one of his colleagues in front of lorry no. 5 ( E 1789) during the war years. Note black out-lights, gas generator and the general worn down appearance of the lorry.
I'm not a lorry expert and identifying the lorries will take help frome someone more into those matters. Anyway, I'm slowly working up plans for a model of one of my grandad's lorries. The most likely candidate to be modelled is the one that I suspect is a Ford A. The basis will probably be either the Eastern Express Soviet GAZ-AA or the new MiniArt GAZ-AA.

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  1. Nice pictures, and great lorrys!

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