Monday 17 December 2012

Blisters and Ferguson (1/35)

I have yet to get blisters from modelling, but volunteering on HVB (a real railway with 700 mm. gauge) has often provided me with blisters - large ones! This week I did another half day's work of moving snow to open up HVB for the christmas trains. And managed to get a blister from the shovelling. But work was great and fighting snow drifts two feet high isn't something I get to do everyday. See a pictorial on HVB's blog.
Last week's sunny weather didn't repeat itself...
Home again and with feet warmed up, I got to do some minor work on my Ferguson model. I fitted axles, engine details and the patented Ferguson three point linkage. Next up is brakes and steering system.
It begins to look like a tractor!

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