Tuesday 30 October 2012

Having a break (1/35)

Most railways have a quiet spot where fitters, workmen and loco drivers can have a break. Nystrup Gravel is no exception. Behind the loco shed outside Nystrup there is a small spot where a motley collection of old furniture enables tired or idle employees of Nystrup Gravel to catch their breath or a little nap and still getting paid… 

A place that invites to a rest in a busy work day. Two empty beer bottles on the bench indicates some recent pausing.
The scene is basically the result of a quick sweep through the spares box. Only minor shopping was needed. The bench is a leftover from a laser cut coach kit from Daniel Caso, the table from Tamiya (the M577 Amoured Command Post). After completing the set up, the table seemed a little under sized and I didn't glue it in place to better facilitate exchange with another item in the future. The beer crates used as improvised chairs are from Epokemodeller, while the chair and beer bottles are from Plus Models. Although the bottles doesn't match period Danish ones exactly I couldn't resist the temptation to add a few. All items are painted in acrylics and weathered with oil paints and pastel chalk.

Seen from the other side of the tracks. The loco shed is just out of the picture to the right.
Groundwork is done with different coloured sand picked up wherever I had the chance. Grass is primarily from Heki. The trees and bushes in the background are quickly home made ones. Dry leaves are represented by birch seeds picked up from our garden. Grass and ground cover will be refined later.

At the other end of the module I'm currently working on a wooden fence and grass planting is in progress around the bridge and stream.

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