Friday, 5 October 2012

From a Family Album

On the shelves of Skovby Local Historical Archive I have found a lot of old family albums with photographs of everyday life. A few of them contains images from the owner's working life at Nystrup Gravel. A good source of photographs of both railway and interesting machinery. Not all of the images have taken the toll of time too well, but I think they convey some of the history of the company anyway. Most of the images are heavily overcrowded and it is clear that the colleagues are the main motif.

A train of loaded skips being pushed to the sorting facility. A quite unusual photo for a family album as no person or persons make up the central motif. Perhaps this is a company photo that has found it's way into a family album?
I have used a few other photos from family albums in an earlier post. I still hope to dig up an album from either the gravel company itself or maybe the director. It may take quite some time to find something good and having to leaf through hundreds of images of weddings, funerals, birthdays and new borns can be a little boring. In my own life family albums have also brought me much railway and modelling inspiration. Some of which I have mentioned in posts before.

One of many albums I have leafed through.

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