Sunday 22 July 2012

1932 Fordson and thresher (1/35)

After some very enjoyable painting sessions the model of my grandad's Fordson is ready to go into action with the Marshall's thresher. Painted in 'French Blue' from Humbrol the tractor has been subject to some paint fading with white oil paint and dirtying with black and umber oil washes. I applied rust, also with oil paint, before I gave the model a coat of matt varnish. Then the model received a layer of dust with heavily thinned paint from the air brush and some pastel chalk. I finished by adding a few scratches and worn areas with a soft pencil.

More photos of the building process on Flickr and for further information on the tractor check out the previous blog post. My next project is a model of Nystrup Gravel's small covered speeder.

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