Wednesday 11 July 2012

Grandad's Fordson (1/35)

As mentioned in a previous post, my grandad worked on several types of machinery during his life. At one point he worked on a cooperatively owned thresher. The threshing machine was pulled by a Fordson tractor of some unknown early type. Back in january I finished a Model Tractor Co. Marshall's thresher. A great kit designed with care and of good moulding quality.
My Marshall's threshing machine from a threshing company from Nystrup. More images from the building process on my Flickr-site.
To have a 'road train' matching my granddad's I picked a 1932 Fordson N from Model Tractor Co. It is catalouge no. T83 Limited Edition (mine is issue no. 65 of 150 made). I haven't any photos of my grandad's Fordson so I have no way of knowing if it is the correct version. The Model Tractor kit is primarily of white metal with some etched brass and vinyl tires.

The kit assembles with ease, despite some fiddly parts. But take care as the instructions can be a little unclear. Having a lot of Fordson images helped me during the build. I built my kit in four days of vacation between many other activities.

Kit contents.

Assembled kit almost ready for primer.

A situation that cries out to be modelled: Cranking up an iron wheeled early Fordson.

And no - I have not left the Ford lorry on the shelf. It is almost painted and ready for decals.

The lorry during painting and with masking tape.


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