Monday, 10 June 2013

1950's Loco Advertising

The old Nystrup Gravel binder I recently found contained some advertising material from Danish loco manufacturer Nagboel. The Nagboel company obviously made several offers to Nystrup Gravel, although it is highly doubtful if the efforts ever paid off.

The 1950's advertising for a small Danish company like Nagboel surely can't be said to be advanced. No flashy fonts or advanced photography. Just a simple drawing of a loco working at a construction site. In the foreground two heroes of progress - civil engineers in practical dress - are overseeing the work. Even if a small company Nagboel made their material in English and managed to sell a rather sizable part of their production overseas, mainly through agents. Today Nagboel's international outlook hasn't diminished as the company in 1973 was taken over by British GKN Wheels - today GKN Landsystems.

Nystrup Gravel didn't seem to be tempted to buy. By the beginning of the 50's the company had several locos in decent working order and didn't need more. Chief mechanic Petersen even had a few old relics parked on a siding in the woods that could be used if everything else failed. If only for a few days until repairs were made on the more modern locos. If nothing else the Nagboel company made an impression on at least one of Nystrup's employees. Someone glued a small poster from Nagboel on the wall in the loco shed. The poster can be seen in several images from the shed.

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  1. Thanks for the history lesson Claus. I'm going to print a copy of the loco poster for my workshop wall.
    I'm waiting on a seated figure from James C for my Thames tipper. Once painted and "installed" will send a few pics your way.