Friday 3 February 2023

Layout Progress

My small 1/19 scale layout has progressed during the last 6-7 months with a finished loading ramp, track building finalized, relief building erected and full photo background fitted. I have always been a slow modeller and when work, family and 1:1 scale heritage railway activity have taken their share of my time there is only a little left for Nystrup Gravel. Considering that, I think I have made considerable visible advance lately compared to previous years. I begin to be able to imagine how the finished layout will look! 

The little layout's current status at the beginning of 2023. Plenty of things to do in the way of particularly grass and ground cover.

Below is a series of images of the layout's development from the beginning in spring 2020. Not taken at regular intervals, but enough to show progress since 2020.

May 2020. Shelves have been cleared from books and being prepared to accept a layout on top. 

February 2021. Basic layout with fascia boards in place. Hand built track in progress.

November 2021. Most of the track finished, basic groundcover in place, loading ramp under construction and fascia boards painted.

July 2022. Loading ramp finished and first stage background photo print fitted. Cardboard mock up of wooden building can be seen in the corner.

Once the weather improves and Spring arrives I hope to enjoy some outdoor modelling on the layout. Sprinkling fine gravel and small stones is great for open air modelling as the weather gets warmer.


  1. Wonderful layout! Where did you get the backdrop?

  2. Thanks for the favourable comment! I made the backdrop from a photo that was printed out in 90x270 cm and later added another print (with a reversed image) to add an extension at each end giving the layout complete background covering. See the following posts for more info: and