Thursday 27 October 2022

Last Point Lever Mounted

With the wooden building in place and plans for work with ground cover in the area around it, I felt I should finish and fit the remaining point lever. The lever is a whitemetal kit from Feld-, Garten- und Grossbahn and is similar to another lever already fitted on the layout.

The point lever in place on the layout and working as planned. The sisal strands have just been glued in place.

As the point lever was already prepared for assembly it didn't take long to finish. The assembly was done exactly like last time, only this time I left out the direction marker to create a little variety. After assembly I painted the lever and added a bit more weathering than on the other lever. A thin steel wire was cut and bent to connect lever and turnout.

Painting and weathering in progress. I use a scrap of paper as a palette to mix and condition my paints.

The lever was mounted on a lengthened sleeper I had fitted while I built the track. A piece of timber was added to provide a safe foundation for the lever. I used thick AC-glue to fix the lever firmly to its sleeper. The bent wire was attached between lever and turnout. Perhaps something a bit more prototypically is needed at a later time. As I had a few strands of dyed sisal rope on the worktable, I added them around the sleeper end. 

The point lever fitted to the sleeper. A good drying time is adviced to allow the AC glue to fully harden.

Being a slow modeller there is often a huge difference of what I think I can accomplish within the next 2 weeks and what I actually get finished. At least I can now tick the point lever off my to do-list. Several small projects are in progress or in the design phase. Don't hold your breath, though, as things may take time.

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