Thursday 12 May 2022

Rhubarb Season in Denmark

Spring has arrived in Denmark. The first harvest of rhubarb from the garden has already been converted to a delicious dessert. A response from one of my railway modelling friends on Facebook challenged me to use my railway for bringing in the next harvest. Always keen to meet the challenges set for me, I quickly set out to construct a short, temporary line to transport rhubarb from field to kitchen.

Temporary Peco track panels laid out on the lawn for transport of rhubarb. Only short items fit in the GVT-wagon, so longer items had to be shortened on site before transport.

The most recent modelling sessions have been spent on applying static grass to the area under the loading ramp. Consequently I'm more or less ready to construct the final work on the loading ramp. With that done track laying can be finished.

In a workshop outside EU-borders work is also progressing on the next Nystrup Gravel locomotive. It will provide a much needed strengthening of the railway's performance. 


  1. Rhubarb is a favourite here at the house. We freeze some and can some more to preserve it and hopefully it lasts longer through the year but it's so good and we're not always so good at hanging onto it.

    That Lister and wagon look right at home in this picture. That looks wonderful. And doesn't it sort of feel right too? Just like a real life agricultural tram might quickly lay down a siding to move with the harvest you've been able to do the same thing to enjoy the same result. We get so focussed on prototype modelling in a very direct way but this seems to go beyond the right numbers of nuts and bolts to modelling more the lifestyle of the railway.

    Thanks for the wonderful post. I read this over my first coffee this morning and what a wonderful start to the day.


  2. Coffee and reading about railways makes for the best possible start on any day, I agree. Taking stuff out in garden surely is refreshing. I tend to be inclined to think and work like a usual indoor modeller, but the ability of 16 mm scale to (more or less) realistically to blend in with the full scale garden is an added attraction to the scale. I don't think I'll ever evolve into a full blown garden railway operator, but an small interim garden line laid out for fun is something I like. And of course rhubarb can be conserved in almost as many forms as it can be enjoyed! Best regards from Denmark.