Sunday 8 August 2021

Loading Ramp #4 and End of Vacation

My three weeks off from work is coming to an end. With the corona situation still fluid in many countries me and my family decided to stay in Denmark and enjoy the fact that restrictions here are almost all lifted due to the large number of Danes vaccinated. I managed to visit one vintage railway and a few locations of industrial interest.

LJ M 11 running round its train on Bandholm Station on Denmark's oldest vintage railway Maribo-Bandholm. M 11 was built by Frichs in 1937 as building number 283.

My vacation also left me a little time for modelling in the garden and in the cottage. Progress on the loading ramp was accomplished and with all parts ready for building track on the loading ramp, work has now stopped. As I began to experiment with making rough grass from unwound sisal rope, it occured to me that with track on the ramp it would be very difficult to fix grass and plants under the ramp. Consequently I'm now examining how best to represent grass in 1/19 scale. A new (although not unexpected) challenge for me.

Current status on the loading ramp module: Ready for more ground work and ramp construction.


A view up the ramp with the first half ready for track building. A walkway for the workers tipping the skips will be installed to the right.

I had brought the damaged model of the Ford A salvage lorry with me to the cottage, and managed to replace the damaged rear axle assembly as well as fixing the crane assembly. Next stage in the model's progress is removing the printed on markings, detailing and painting.

A new rear axle assembly was fitted in place of the heavily bent one. The crane assembly was removed for work and to gain acces to the screw holding the rear axle.

The bent crane almost straightened and ready for detailing. The wiring will be rerun as per prototype. As supplied the winch wouldn't work as intended.

Everyday life now returns meaning long days at the office and all the usual activities associated with running a home and family. I can't complain thoug, as I have a pretty good life with ressources to spare for volunteering on a vintage railway as well as modelling.

Working in the field photographing the company's new tamping machine some months ago. The next month will see me behind a desk writing tenders for domestic as well as Norwegian and German infrastructure owners. Photo: Aarsleff Rail A/S.

Hope every reader of the blog have had a good vacation and I wish you a good return to daily life.

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